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John Hawke - KAG Artist on Review

6th Oct 2010

24th DEC 2011

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Kent Artists Group - Artist on Review - John Hawke - Painter



John Hawke's Painting - Botany-Bay-2
Botany Bay 2

Viking Bay by John Hawke

Viking Bay

Chillenden Mill by John Hawke

Chillenden Mill

Painting has been my life long passion,
encouraged by my father who was to
be my sternest critic and my greatest
champion and by my teachers who
would be fascinated by my drawings
of places I had been to or seen, drawn
from memory, imagination
and observation.



I completed a foundation year at
West Sussex College of Design but
then the harsh realities of a need
to make a living crowded in and
I trained to teach and gained a
B.Ed Hons.




Throughout my 30 years of teaching
in primary and secondary schools
I have continued to develop my style
of painting, exhibit and sell my
paintings in local shows and galleries
in Broadstairs Cliftonville
and Canterbury.




I have lived in Broadstairs for most
of my adult life. Just as well really,
for I love painting the coast, the
cliffs and the sea. But then to me
living in Kent is a real privilege.



I love the countryside of Kent and
in particular the oasthouses, castles,
churches and even windmills.

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I regularly paint pictures of other parts of
Britain often to Commission. There is
however, more to my painting than
just landscapes.




I also like painting boats, trains,
animals even people, but I have
many Ideas for developing paintings
like my chess pictures or my
block pictures.They are another story.




The magic of painting for me is in
the image. I love creating the 3D effect,
creating perspective. Then there is the
capture of detail.




I love to make ripples in water look
like ripples, a beech tree like a beech tree
or cumulo-nimbus like a proper thundercloud.



I like to capture the effects of light making
objects look round and solid; the glint of light
on a puffing steam engine or the shade
cast by a tree across the ground and
over a mans shoulder.




I like to think that when you look at my
paintings there is always something new
to look at, to discover, to understand.




My art is about sharing my wonder of the
visual world and my experience of that world
with you.

Obviously this review shows just a few of
my paintings. If you would like to see more,
please look at my web site. (coming soon)
Should you wish to contact me or
commission a painting
Please Email me:-


Thank You Thank You - John Hawke the artist


St Mary's - Minster

St Mary's - Minster

Broadstairs Harbour

Broadstairs Harbour

Bullied Pacific

Bullied Pacific

One Man and His Dog

One Man and His Dog


brush line - KAG
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