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fine handmade pottery by artist jennie vickery - welcome to my world of pottery
Welcome to
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Ceramics Artist Jeannie Vickery
Ceramics Artist
Jeannie Vickery

Hello Dear Arty Folk
Ever since I was a young girl I have very much enjoyed messing
around with all sort of arts & crafts, and as you can see pottery
is now a very large part of my everyday life, and spending time
in my art studio working away with clays & splashing coloured
glazes about is what I really do love to do the most.

One of the worst things is waiting for My kilns to cool down to
see just how things have turned out, I do use various methods of
clay slab building & glazes to arrive at very different outcomes I require,
sometimes discovering new techniques and glazing finishes by mistake.

Personalised clock scene
Fine carriage clocks
Wall mirrors and sconces
The greene man wall plaque
Personalised clock scene
Fine carriage clocks
Wall mirrors and sconces
The greene man wall plaque
I have produced over 430 ceramic clocks in various
shapes and styles, each clock being numbered
and signed by myself.

Also for a few very special people I have created
personalised carriage clocks depicting scenes and
memories of that persons life.

December 2012 see's in a brand new studio space,
having to leave the last because of reasons out of my control,
but as it goes, it has turned out to be a good move,
I now have much more room to work.

The studio has a view across a local Kent meadow,
next to a small farm who's farm animals roam freely,
"wow what an idyllic place to have my new studio!"

This will be a massive boost to my creativity.

My Lovely old ceramic studio
My Lovely old ceramic studio now closed

All items I produce are individually handmade and glazed - so each piece has a uniqueness of its own !

I will very soon be selling my pottery on-line via my new shopping web site


A small selection of my pottery
A very big Thank You for visiting Jeannie Vickery's web-page, I do very much hope you have enjoyed it
or maybe have gained some new idea's for your own artwork or craft projects,
as I'm always most interested in other artists and their artwork.

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Jeannie is a member of the Kent Artists Group
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