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Exhibiting the skills and talent of our Member Drawing Artist:-

- Steve Cuthbert -
member category = drawing

  Fine detailed artwork from S.Cuthbert

Steve has lived in Folkestone for fifteen years with his wife Theresa.
Originally hailing from Sunderland, he credits his mother Susan
with teaching him to draw.


At secondary school he fell out with his art teacher
due to their differing opinions on Picasso,

nevertheless he passed his O'level but was never in a position
to make more of this due to the family situation.

Lifelike Sporting Image  
Top Footballer Image

Though he had undertaken private commissions over
the years from people for pictures of family,
pets and machinery, It is his father in law who encouraged
him to do something with his skills,
having purchased him various materials to use
so that he could improve his abilities.


Shortly before their promotion in 1997
he drew a selection of Sunderland AFC's
players for the club.

Since then he has exhibited at Port Lympne and in a
Customs Anglo French exhibition, though has taken on
some private commissions and presentation pieces.

Football Drawings  
  Sportsman Image

He has used many mediums including chalk, food colouring, tea, biro etc and likes to experiment with various mediums.


Most recently an injury to his arm has
stemmed his work which he hopes to correct
over the next few years.

Football Collage  
Top Sport in Action

'The Kent Artist's Group and Members'

Wish and hope for the speedy recovery
to Steve's recent injuries,

and We look forward to seeing more
fine artwork from this Artist.

"Get Well Soon Steve"


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