Steve Sargeant - Portrait Artist - Kent


Commissions welcome.

Steve Sargeant - Portrait Artist - Kent

I have been a practicing Artist for many years ,
painting portraits of friends and family mainly and commissions.

thin artists paint brush

Steve Sargeant - Portrait Artist - Kent
I advertise some of my portraits at the Sevenoaks
art shop, and have exhibited in local exhibitions
over the years .

A few years ago i won the best picture at the
Wrotham Arts Festival , with a portrait.

I usually work in oils ,but am equally comfortable
with pastels and pencil.

I specialise in portraits mainly and life studies.
Have also produced animal portraits ,cats ,dogs
and horses etc .

Apart from capturing a likeness ,
i enjoy portraying a mood ,whether
this be reflective ,pensive etc .

I try to bring out the
psyche and soul of the sitter .
Man in pastels


abstract art
abstract art
abstract art
abstract art

Abstract Art.

I mainly work in acrylics.
For me its about form and shape,
trying to create a three dimensional
element to a two dimensional surface.

If you wish to see my full range of artwork
please do not hesitate to contact me.

man drawn in pastel

My Artwork also make
great personal gifts.

Commissions welcome !

For more information
Please contact me.


" Thank You for viewing my Artwork "
Best Regards - Steve Sargeant - Wrotham in Kent

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