Stephen Larking World Of Paper Bird Sculptures:

Black headed gull

Black Headed Gull:

paper crafted robins

The Friendly Robins:

Bird of prey

Bird of Prey:

paper peacock


About Me:

I live in Whitstable In kent by the sea.
I have three children and by day im a stay at home dad and in the evening I create sculptural archetypes of birds out of paper.
Why Birds? There's nothing, I feel, which is freer than flight! Its something that mankind has only grasped within the last 150 years, by inventing a machine! Birds are truly masters.

Thier elegance in the air has been a fascination for mankind for countless centuries. but the most destructive thing mankind can do is capture exsotic birds
and place them in a cage.

My Artwork:

Art has been an influence since I was young, making model kits, painting and drawing was all I wanted to do, it gave me skills which would be beneficial in my adult life; for example problem solving skills.

In my adult life I trained as an Architect, but after four years in I wanted to do something for myself and as my wife was on a better career than I was I stayed at home raising the kids!
This inspired me and opened my eyes to the forgotten world of childhood, the challenges, the tantrums, Oh the tantrums! But time, time to see where and what I can do with children and to have an interest in something which is child friendly.

Gathering Insiration:

As I live on the north coast of Kent there is an abundance of wildlife from Black Headed Gulls and Shell Ducks to Rooks, Crows, Kites & Kestrels. I look at how they move how they interact with their surroundings I gather as much information about the particular bird that im going to create.
I am not going to intentionally make an exact copy just basing it upon its archetype, what it does in nature. ie an owl is characteristically a night hunter whose speed and silence is crucial

More Information & Contact Details:

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