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I am Pat Carlton, welcome to my art world.
I live in a village on the Isle of Thanet .

I love village life and enjoy walking the country paths
round my home and birdwatching.

I was good at art at school and won a scholarship
to the Thanet Art College.

I have always loved nature and when I started to paint again,
once the family had left home, it was Nature that inspired me.

I Joined The Wildlife Artists’ Society (TWAS) and showed and sold
work at their Exhibitions and Later a Small gallery in Faversham,
that specialized in Birds, exhibited my work.

I paint in most mediums but mostly acrylic as this suits
the fine detail I like to put into my work.

art brush

I usually start by doing a fairly detailed drawing and block in my shadows and darker areas.
When doing a bird or animal I like to do the eye next as this brings the subject alive immediately.

I build the painting up layer by layer to add depth, using a very fine brush to add detail.
Paintings can take many weeks to complete depending on size and how much fine detail is required.

I do hope you enjoy viewing my selection of varied painting below:-

Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard

Painted from a photograph
by Lesley Williams.

I just love the majesty of these noble
and rare big cats.

Acrylic.....12 x 10 inches

Golden Eagle.

I tried to show the keen eye
of this primeval hunter.

Acrylic..... 16 ½ x 13 inches

Golden Eagle.
The call of the wild

The call of the wild.

These Wolves were photographed in their
natural surroundings by Lesley Williams.

I have tried to recreate that feeling
they evoke in the painting.

Acylic..... 20 x 18 inches


I was inspired to paint this waxwing after walking
down the marshes and seeing a group of them
flitting high in the branches. This one stood out with
the bright sun highlighting both it, and the berries.

Acrylic..... 17 x 13 inches



This painting was inspired by two children
sitting on the lanuch slip at Minnis Bay
wathcing the Yachts setting off.

I just loved the way they sat down together
and thought it would make a lovely painting.

Acrylic..... 15 x 21 inches

Thank You for viewing my Artists web page !
And I very much hope you have enjoyed my selecton of artwork
or have gained some idea's for your own painting art projects.
Take care. Best Regards. Pat Carlton...

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art brush
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