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Mai Monk
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Welcome to my art gallery:

I took up painting when I retired nearly 10 years ago,
but not seriously. I went with a friend to a couple of day classes and then did a few days away with Charles Evans.

There were so many things to take our interest and painting was just one of them. It is in the last two years when I was not able to go 'rambling' any longer that I began to paint more seriously.

I have started to put paintings into local exhibitions and sell , which is nice. I have tried oils, and acrylics which I liked but my real love is watercolours or line and wash.

Also in July 2016 I joined The Kent Artists Group
Still Life - Summer Fruits
Still Life - Summer Fruits
poppies in watercolour
Poppies Caption
Poppies2 Caption
washing in the breeze
Washing Caption
tots on the beach Beach Caption

" Thank You for view my gallery "

I have many artworks available for sale.
Please email me for the full price list.
Warm Regards. Mai Monk.

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