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My name is Jacky Benady. I started painting 3 years ago when my grandchildren emigrated to China and I found I suddenly had time on my hands.
I have always loved craft and when I worked as a teacher I always encouraged children to paint.
In fact I encouraged them to explore, look and discover art in all media, but never for myself.
So I decided it was time for me.

Also at this time I had some health issues and I found I needed an outlet that allowed me to express my emotions as I was going through some rough times. Art was it! I love it. The colours form and the light sparked my imagination. The local scenery of the seaside and fishing boats provides a lovely backdrop for a lot of my pictures. Recently a famous wildlife photographer
David Gibbon has given me permission to use his photos to paint so I have pictures of owls, osprey and swans which have been a great stimulus and privilege to paint. I am also blessed with a son-in-law who is a brilliant amateur photographer who provides me with a wide range of landscapes to paint.
fishing boats on hythe beach

Fishing Boats on Hythe Beach.
In Acrylics on box canvas 50cmx40cm. Price £100.

Osprey catching trout at Dawn.

Osprey catching trout at Dawn.
Courtesy of David Gibbon. Acrylic on box canvas 30cmx40cm £75

Swan Nesting in Reeds

Swan Nesting in Reeds. Courtesy David Gibbon.
Acrylic on Box Canvas 50 x 40cm £100

Norfolk Blakeney Point

Norfolk Blakeney Acrylic on box canvas
50cmx40cm painted June 2015 price £100

To my surprise not only did I love painting in both oil and acrylic but others made appreciative noises about my work. I found I was producing so much that I needed to put it to some purpose. The charity Jessie’s Fund was ideal. I had worked with children with special needs and this charity epitomised my sentiments. What is more the founder of the charity had taught my daughter at university and had helped her when she had some difficulties. This was the perfect charity to help. It provides music therapy for children in hospices across the UK and also trains therapists to work in special schools to work with children with profound communication difficulties.
Victoria Wood is the patron. The local shop has been selling pictures limited prints and cards of my art. I also sell at Craft fairs.

Boats moored in Norfolk Flats

Boats moored in Norfolk Flats painted in Oils on box canvas 80cm x 30cm £120

I have now gone on to make special cards and art for children and have made a range of toys…Mermaids that are special as I live by the sea. The cards are unique as they hold a secret that is only revealed once the card is opened. Children love them.

So far I have made in excess of £2000 for this charity selling art and craft. I would dearly love to be able to set up a steady funding stream for this charity that does such good work for the very sick children who have limited life spans. Using my art in this way would give pleasure to those who buy it and pleasure to the very sick and damaged children.

Thank You for viewing my Artwork:

Artists brush
Jacky is a premium member of the Kent Artists Group (on-line)

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